• Wastewater Analysis

    The enterprises, which are under the scope of regulations on permits and licenses to be taken in accordance with Environmental Law, are obliged to make competent institutions or organizations done periodic analysis of waste water according to water pollution control regulation and sampling and analysis methods. Sampling periods vary according to discharge flow rate of wastewater facilities, analysis parameters vary in accordance with production subject and process.


    Sampling procedure can only be done by people, who have sampling authorization license of the Ministry.


    ÇEDFEM Çevre Analizleri Ltd Şti has been providing service in environmental analysis since 2003 with accreditation certificate of TURKAK and certificate of competency issued by the Ministry.

  • Competency Certificates

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    • Ministry of Environment Certificate of Competency
  • Accreditation certificates

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    • Accreditation certificate
  • Parameters

    * pH

    * Temperature

    * Electrical Conductivity

    * Dissolved oxygen

    * Turbidity

    * Chemical Oxygen Demand

    * Total suspended solids

    * Settleable Solids

    * Total Solids

    * Total Dissolved Solids

    * Oil and Grease-gravimetric

    * Oil and Grease-IR

    * Hydrocarbon-gravimetric

    * Hydrocarbon-IR

    * Total Phosphorus

    * Orthophosphate

    * Nitrate

    * Nitrite

    * Ammonia

    * Fluoride

    * Chloride

    * Sulfur

    * Sulphite

    * Sulfate

    * Chromium +6

    * Chlorophyll-a

    * Phenolic substances

    * Free Chlorine

    * Free Cyanide

    * Boron

    * Color Determination (Visual, UV)

    * Color-RES

    * Alkalinity

    * Secchi disc

    * Flow-Streams, Creeks

    * Metal Detection (Hg, As, Al, Cu, Sn, Fe, Mn, Ni, Cd, Pb, Ag, Co, Zn, Cr)

    * Pretreatment for Total Metals

    In sediment and sludge;

    * Oil and Grease

    * Total Solids

  • References

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